Brazilian Chicken Pies

Before starting keto, I made a very tasty chicken pie that we had for tea on a regular basis. We’ve missed it since starting keto, and so I was excited when I came across this recipe. The pies looked so good in the photos!

Once again my attempt turned out to be a disaster. [Read more…]

Butter Chicken

We love the Butter Chicken mix from Asian Home Gourmet. We used to eat it regularly, with plenty of sticky white rice, before we started keto. Fortunately it’s reasonably keto-friendly, so we’ve simply dropped the rice and included some baby spinach to add a little bulk. It’s also quick and easy to make (all in one pot) for those nights when you’re in a rush. [Read more…]

Chicken with Parmesan and Mayo Crust

We came across this recipe in this reddit post. We’ve tweaked it just a little bit, including replacing the garlic powder with a bit of chili powder to spice it up.

It’s quick, easy, and very tasty. We have it for dinner every couple of weeks [Read more…]

Easy Cheesy Chili Chicken

This is another excellent recipe that we found on Linda’s Low Carb Recipes. It’s quite hot in flavour, but the cheese keeps it from being too much (you can also serve it with sour cream if you want to). It’s simple to make and it is definitely one of our favourites. It also looks really good – like something you might be served in a restaurant. [Read more…]

Fried Chicken Strips

The idea for these strips came from this reddit post – no full recipe was provided with the post so I developed the detail below myself.

The original idea calls for golden flaxseed, but as I couldn’t find any of this [Read more…]

Cheesy Chicken Nuggets

We are so pleased we found this recipe for chicken nuggets.

Although it’s a bit fiddly and messy to make, it really is worth it. In fact it’s one of our favourite meals. [Read more…]

Sweet and Sour Chicken

We had a craving for sweet and sour chicken one night, and found this recipe at Linda’s Low Carb Recipes. We substituted a few things (chicken for pork, pineapple pieces for pineapple syrup etc) and we could not be more happy with how it turned out. IT WAS SIMPLY DELICIOUS!! It is a recipe I will continue using regardless of whether I am following a keto diet. [Read more…]

KFC Double Down

What can we say – delicious AND keto-friendly. These are great for when you don’t feel like cooking, and want something easy and tasty. Yum! [Read more…]

Cajun Chicken

This is a brilliant dish that we found here at Linda’s Low Carb Recipes. It’s very easy to make, and has a lovely flavour that gets better and better the further through the dish you get. It strikes the perfect balance between heat and creaminess and really has to be tried to get how good it is. We would eat this every night if we weren’t so worried that doing so might make us sick of it! [Read more…]

Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Chicken

This recipe, which we found here, is a staple in our house. It both looks and tastes like it should be harder to make than it is…so it would be great for serving at a dinner party!

Although the original recipe calls for toothpicks to hold the bacon together, I had some problems [Read more…]

Chicken and Bacon Salad

This salad is easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time. The spinach base makes a nice change from lettuce, and the generous serving of bacon gives it a decadent feel! It is good enough to eat plain, or you can add a dressing of your choice. [Read more…]

Thai Chicken Red Curry

This red curry was very quick and easy to make, and had a lovely authentic flavour. The curry paste I used (Valcom brand) was also very good carb-wise – particularly compared to most of the other brands I looked at. I used broccoli and spinach for the vegetables, but you can swap these out for others if you prefer. [Read more…]

Stir-Fry Chicken Curry

I tried making this curry when we were looking for a fast and easy dinner that is also tasty. I have to admit to being quite surprised that it turned out so well. It ticks all the boxes I was looking for, and we have this for dinner on a regular basis.

Although there are approximately 13 net carbs per serving, it is still possible [Read more…]

Creamy Chicken and Tomato Soup

It’s fair to say that I was obsessed with trying this slow-cooker recipe from the moment I saw it! It was very easy to make, and I quite enjoyed the first few spoonfuls. However, both of us ended up feeling quite sick from it towards the end of the meal. [Read more…]