Pizza Topping

This week we really felt like pizza, and realised that we could have takeaway pizza and just not eat the base.

We ordered from Dominos, and chose their low carb base. We didn’t end up eating the base (it looked very unappetising) but it was a good choice of base for getting the topping off easily. We went with pepperoni, cheese, and tomatoes for our toppings (we created our own pizza) and it was delicious! [Read more…]

Pizza…To Die For

We have seen a number of low-carb pizza recipes since we started keto, and we got lucky with the first one that we tried.

The recipe comes from here and we were both amazed at how good it is. I would go so far as to say that the crust is one of my favourite pizza crusts (probably because I love cheese), and it tastes as good as most takeaway pizzas [Read more…]