Brazilian Chicken Pies

Before starting keto, I made a very tasty chicken pie that we had for tea on a regular basis. We’ve missed it since starting keto, and so I was excited when I came across this recipe. The pies looked so good in the photos!

Once again my attempt turned out to be a disaster. [Read more…]

Chewy Protein Bar

This recipe looks amazing in the photos on Sin or Slim. There are also several positive comments there, so I’m not quite sure what went wrong with mine.

It may have been my poor culinary skills again, or perhaps it was the whey powder I used. Whatever it was, mine turned out to be a great big sticky mess. [Read more…]

Bacon Wrapped Beef Patties with Cheese

I came across these delicious looking photos of a meal in a reddit post several months ago. As there was no recipe posted with the photos, I thought that there were enough step-by-step photos for me to be able to try to build a recipe myself. Despite my limited culinary skills. I don’t know what I was thinking. [Read more…]

Cajun Fish

I decided to try cooking this on a whim one night.

Unfortunately I had forgotten about the problems I’d had with using frozen fish fillets when I made Pork Rind Battered Fish. This time the result was even worse – the fish turned out to be a soggy mess and it was basically inedible. [Read more…]

Hollandaise Sauce

We really enjoy eggs benedict, so I was pleased when I found a nice looking recipe for hollandaise sauce here. I was a little nervous about trying to make the sauce given my rudimentary culinary skills. My nervousness turned out to be well founded – my sauce was not a full scale disaster but it was certainly getting there. [Read more…]

Caramel Brownie

This is another recipe that I tried from Mellissa at I Breathe I’m Hungry (original recipe here). Her photos look so good that I couldn’t wait to make it. As soon as I managed to find some sugar-free syrups I gave it a go.

Unfortunately it turned out to be a bit of a disaster. [Read more…]

Ricotta Pikelets

We are very fond of pikelets (a Kiwi favourite), so I was really pleased to come across this low carb version here.

However, they turned out to be quite a disappointment – ours were very dry, and the flavour was a little unpleasant. [Read more…]

Pork Rind Battered Fish

When I finally managed to locate some pork rinds, I decided to try this recipe from Linda’s Low Carb Menus.

I wouldn’t say it was a total disaster, but it was getting there. There were two main things wrong with it – first I used frozen fish fillets, which created a lot of liquid during cooking and meant I didn’t get a nice “crunch” on the topping; and secondly I wasn’t able to crush [Read more…]

Peanut Butter Bread

When we first started keto we couldn’t wait to try this bread as we had read so many comments about how great it was. We saw lots of different recipes, but ended up going with this one.

The bread turned out to be a great disappointment – neither of us liked it. I would go so far as to say [Read more…]

Creamy Chicken and Tomato Soup

It’s fair to say that I was obsessed with trying this slow-cooker recipe from the moment I saw it! It was very easy to make, and I quite enjoyed the first few spoonfuls. However, both of us ended up feeling quite sick from it towards the end of the meal. [Read more…]

Cinnamon Muffins

We tried this recipe within a couple of days of seeing it on reddit. I had very high hopes, but was disappointed with the way mine turned out.

The taste of the muffin wasn’t very pleasant, and we could only manage a couple of mouthfuls each. [Read more…]