Raspberry Protein Shake

This shake was an experiment. Although it was pleasant enough, I have only made it the once so it’s probably fair to say it wasn’t a huge success. However, I feel like it could be really good with a bit of fine tuning. In terms of whey powder, I used Reactive Pure New Zealand brand, which has no flavour added, no sweeteners, and no carbohydrates. [Read more…]

Golden Circle Diet Drinks

These diet drinks are sweetened with Splenda, and come in four flavours (in a variety pack of 12). We love both the orange and lemon flavours, and while we’re not as keen on the other two (golden pash and tropical punch) they are certainly drinkable. We’ve found the drinks really good for satisfying any cravings for soft drinks…particularly when you drink them ice cold out of the fridge. [Read more…]

Sugar-Free V

As Splenda is our sweetener of choice, we were happy to discover that the sugar-free version of V is sweetened with this. Having been drinking it for a while now, it tastes just like the usual V to me – delicious! [Read more…]

Sparkling Lemon

This is a simple and tasty alternative to a soft drink, and is very refreshing on a hot day. The lemon squash is sweetened with Splenda. [Read more…]

Cinnamon Vanilla Protein Shake

We found this recipe at Sin or Slim and think it is the best flavoured protein shake we have tried so far.

As well as helping the shake taste great, we’ve read that cinnamon supposedly provides some serious health benefits (making this shake a win-win). The shake is [Read more…]

Creamy Coffee

Since we discovered sugar free syrups from Da Vinci and Torani, we have used them in our nightly coffees with cream (we prefer our coffee sweet and creamy). Our favourite coffee flavours are probably Torani salted caramel and Torani chocolate. We find ourselves looking forward to these coffees every night! Sometimes we add a dash (or even a splash) of whisky for a bit of a kick. [Read more…]